The StorePoint #FreshExperience

This weekend JSI presented at the annual StorePoint Fresh event in Scottsdale, AZ to an audience of industry influencers and leaders in grocery. On the table for discussion was the future of brick-and-mortar stores and how JSI can keep grocery retailers current with modular self-contained refrigeration and improved flexibility within their perimeter departments.

The most important thing for JSI in 2019 and beyond is to focus on how the relationship between JSI and grocery retailers can become more symbiotic and collaborative. JSI’s goal for the future is to “make the experience of doing business with us lighter”, which includes improving JSI’s internal workflow and minimizing the stress felt on the customer end.

As the JSI team moves toward new grocery horizons, it becomes clear that the retailers who will succeed are those that are already innovating their businesses. JSI is committed to being on the forefront of the changing retail landscape, and always keeping the #freshexperience at the fingertips of the shopper.