Release of New TempFresh Prepared Foods Line

JSI has recently released a brand-new product line to their catalog of fixtures; TempFresh Prepared Foods are currently being integrated into the stores of JSI customers.

JSI has certainly entered the prepared foods market at the right time, as the industry is currently growing. From 2015-2016, 69% of retailers reported 5% or higher growth levels in their prepared foods department. Additionally, a sturdy 19% of consumers report that they expect their prepared meal purchases from grocery stores will increase through 2019 (Hobson, 2017). These statistics come as no surprise to JSI’s resident expert on Prepared Foods merchandising, Kristi Estes, who has been a part of the growing team since 2017.

Says Estes, “There is a serious demand for more efficient, more attractive, more flexible merchandising options for these types of products. JSI is in the perfect position to envelop both the technical requirements and merchandising expectations that retailers need in order to make sure the food, hot or cold, temps properly.” And keeping product at the correct temperature, although an obvious requirement for shoppers, is more easily said than done.

“Retailers are always extremely concerned with product integrity and presentation, and so are we” says Nate Perkins, JSI’s newest Product Manager. “We’ve got an entire engineering team working hard every day to make sure that we can deliver the right temperature every time.”

JSI’s plans for continuing development on this product line include a range of soup merchandisers, a flat-top pizza bar, and hot vertical merchandisers for items like rotisserie chicken. As the company continues to expand and explore more innovative ways to deliver the highest quality products to end-shoppers, it becomes only a matter of time before a JSI TempFresh bar is in every grocery chain across the country.

SOURCE: Hobson, Katherine. “Supermarket Prepared Meals: What to Watch Out For.” Consumer Reports,, 2017 View Article