How to Increase Sales Using Spot Merchandisers

spot merchandisersJSI Store Fixtures offers a variety of spot merchandisers that are designed to help retailers increase sales and promote specific products. These displays can be a powerful tool for driving customer engagement and increasing revenue. In this blog, we’ll explore how to use spot merchandisers from JSI to increase sales in your stores.

  1. Choose the right products

The first step in using spot merchandisers effectively is to choose the right products to promote. Think about which items are likely to appeal to customers and which have the potential to generate higher sales. For example, you might want to focus on popular items that are frequently purchased, or you could showcase new or unique products that customers may not be familiar with. You can also use spot merchandisers to promote seasonal items, such as holiday-themed products or summer BBQ essentials.

  1. Determine the best locations

Once you’ve identified the products you want to promote, it’s important to choose the best locations for your merchandisers. Look for areas of the store that receive high traffic, such as near the entrance or in the center aisles. You can also consider placing displays near related products to encourage cross-selling. For example, you might place a display of condiments and grilling accessories near the meat section.

  1. Use eye-catching displays

JSI offers a variety of spot merchandisers that are designed to be visually appealing and eye-catching. Choose displays that are bold and attention-grabbing to draw customers in. You can also use signage or messaging to promote special deals or promotions. Make sure that your displays are well-lit and easily visible from different angles throughout the store.

  1. Rotate displays regularly

To keep customers engaged and interested, it’s important to rotate your spot merchandisers regularly. Switch out products and update displays to keep them fresh and relevant. Consider using a calendar to plan out promotions and seasonal displays throughout the year. By regularly updating your spot merchandisers, you can keep customers coming back to see what’s new and exciting.

  1. Monitor results and make adjustments

Finally, it’s important to monitor the results of your spot merchandisers and make adjustments as needed. Use sales data to track the success of your promotions and identify areas where you can improve. You can also solicit feedback from customers to get a better sense of what they’re interested in and what types of displays are most effective.

Spot merchandisers from JSI can be a powerful tool for increasing sales in grocery stores. By choosing the right products, determining the best locations, using eye-catching displays, rotating displays regularly, and monitoring results, you can create compelling displays that attract customers and generate higher sales. With a little planning and effort, you can use spot merchandisers from JSI to take your store sales to the next level.