• JSI Store Fixtures Exceeds Donation Milestone for Kiwanis Fundraiser

    JSI Store Fixtures, a Maine-based store fixture designer and manufacturer is pleased to announce that it has exceeded a significant fundraiser milestone for the Milo Kiwanis Club.

    For the past 15 years, JSI has raised money for the local Kiwanis chapter through the Clayton Memorial Golf Tournament. However, due to the prevalence of COVID-19, the event was cancelled.

    “To ensure the safety of our valued partners and sponsors, we thought it only right to postpone the tournament,” explained Mark Awalt, President of JSI Store Fixtures. “Unfortunately, the burden that children in poverty face doesn’t just go away with a pandemic. They need our help now more than ever.”

    Awalt aimed to salvage what he could from the cancelled event, penning a letter to the sponsors. In turn, he received a response that he didn’t anticipate. Despite the tournament’s cancellation, JSI managed to raise over $30,000 for local children in need, exceeding the $250,000 milestone over the past 15 years.

    “We can’t thank our donors enough for making this all possible”, exclaimed Awalt. “Through their compassion and understanding, our community gains strength.”

    Proceeds are committed 100% to assisting children in the Milo region through a variety of programs.


    About JSI Store Fixtures:
    From beautiful, eye-catching store fixtures for fresh food merchandise to an exclusive line of closed-cell foam—the industry’s first microbial resistant foam—JSI is all about keeping things fresh. For over 25 years, JSI has created food-forward displays that have transformed the perimeter of supermarkets across the country. Fusing rich experience in fresh foods with a focus on engineering efficiency, operator convenience, and earth-friendly production, JSI brings unequaled scale, scope, and customer service to each and every project.

    About Kiwanis International:
    Kiwanis International is a global community of clubs, members and partners dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time. Today, the organization stands with more than 550,000 members from K-Kids to Key Club to Kiwanis and many ages in between in 80 countries and geographic areas. Each community has different needs, and Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children, such as fighting hunger, improving literacy and offering guidance. For more information, visit https://kiwanis.org

  • ShelfSaver from JSI Store Fixtures

    ShelfSaverGiving shoppers the confidence they need to return to your stores post-COVID-19 is a priority. Cleanliness and food safety are essential, and the surfaces in your store are under scrutiny like never before.

    The patent pending ShelfSaver from JSI transforms old, cracked, unappealing shelves into clean, smooth surfaces in minutes by simply snapping onto existing shelving.

    Available with an antimicrobial additive, the eco-friendly ShelfSaver is a cost-effective alternative to replacing worn or out-of-date shelving.

    For more information, contact us today!

  • Sneeze Guard and Hygiene Barrier Solutions

    We offer a number of versatile sneeze guard and hygiene barrier options to help you protect your associates and customers.

    72” WIDE x 40” TALL. ITEM #HSC7240

    No need to hire an installation crew with these easy mount sneeze guards and hygiene barriers.

    sneeze guard bracket sneeze guard bracket checkstand

    Acrylic slides into place and is easily removable for cleaning and replacement. Brackets mount to checkstand surfaces up to 1.5″ thick with set screws. We even provide the Allen wrench.

    checkstand sneeze guard specs


    rear checkstand sneeze guard


    Rear sneeze guard offered in clear acrylic or vinyl.

    acrylic sneeze guard

    36” WIDE x 30” TALL SHOWN ABOVE. ITEM #HSP3630

    Our versatile all acrylic hygiene barriers help to minimize the transmission of germs between associates and customers. Each made to suit your needs.

    modular sneeze guard


    The modular acrylic sneeze guard features a black powder coat steel frame and mounts with simple hardware, allowing for many height adjustments in 4″ increments.

    sneeze guard height adjustment

    Barrier height can be easily adjusted, no tools required.

    aluminum sneeze guard

    36” WIDE x 42” TALL SHOWN ABOVE. ITEM #HSA3642

    The adjustable aluminum hygiene barrier is available in any width or height you may need.

    aluminum sneeze guard height adjustment

    Crossbar can be adjusted to any desired barrier height.


    wood sneeze guard


    Our painted wood framed hygiene barrier is a fantastic economy option that can be customized to suit your store needs.

    acrylic sneeze guard sneeze guard in c-store

    Need a custom solution? We can help. 

    We have acrylic and vinyl materials in stock and machining time to quickly support your needs. For more information on custom sizing, contact us today.


  • Milo-based company producing ‘hygiene barriers’

    hygiene barriers

    Written by Alex Bobbyn, Fox 22 Bangor

    Nowadays, a barrier of plexiglass is what stands between cashier and customer. An effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. A company in Milo is making those barriers, and demand continues to climb.

    “Over the past four weeks, we’ve installed about 11,000 hygiene barriers,” said JSI Store Fixtures President Mark Awalt.

    The company works mostly with grocery and convenient stores manufacturing displays for things like fresh produce. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country they’ve stepped in to help in a different way.

    “If you think about one hygiene barrier protecting two people, and if that happens every three minutes even, you’re getting 20 protections for two people, so 40 protections in an hour,” said Awalt. “If you’re open 12 hours, that’s almost 500 protections, and now you multiply it by 11,000 shields. That could be as many as five-plus million protections every single day.”

    The barriers are being provided to more than just grocery stores, but anywhere there’s a face-to-face interaction. And they’re being made in all different shapes and sizes.

    “We now have designs that we could ship out to almost anyone and they could install it themselves,” said Awalt. “Some of them you just pick up and put it in place. It’s got an automatic stand for the plexiglass built in.”

    And the plant workers have adapted to making something new.

    “They take a lot of pride in what they do for all of our customers,” said Milo Plant General Manager Steven Dunham. “But in this particular case in what we’re doing, they know tvhat they’re impacting more and more people.”

    And more and more orders are coming in, some quite large. Both Awalt and Dunham said they have the capacity to take care of those orders, which they plan on doing for a long time.

    “I think these hygiene barriers and social distancing rules are here to stay for quite a long time and I guess we’ll all just have to see how it all plays out,” said Awalt.

    To learn more about JSI’s sneeze guard and hygiene barrier solutions, check out the digital catalog.

  • Hygiene Barrier Solutions: Transparent, Effective and Convenient

    To better serve our customers in this critical time, we’ve developed a convenient and effective solution to minimize the transmission of germs between customers and employees. Our versatile hygiene barriers and sneeze guards are easily assembled and can be made in any size to fit any application.

    To learn more about our sneeze guard and hygiene barrier solutions, check out our digital catalog.

    Should you require a store specific solution, we have acrylic and vinyl materials in stock and machining time to quickly support your needs. For more information, visit our Contact Page or send an email to info@jsisfresh.com to speak with our team.

    *Minimum order quantities apply – call for details

    hygiene barrier solutions


  • Refrigerated Merchandisers Quick View

    You can now view the latest and greatest refrigeration fixtures from JSI all in one place! To download your complimentary copy of our Refrigerated Merchandisers Quick View, fill out the form below and click submit.

  • New High-Visibility Refrigeration Line

    JSI is excited to announce the official launch of our new High-Visibility Refrigeration Line! This new line includes a wide variety of Critical Temp single deck, multi deck, and slant merchandisers, all of which are designed to hold and show more product to the shopper. Less fixture – More feature!

    Our High-Visibility line is available immediately and covers an even greater range of sizes than our standard line currently offers. You can view our new catalog selections any time on our refrigeration product page!

    If you’re ready to bring your store into the next decade of refrigeration technology, check out our Contact Page or send an email to info@jsisfresh.com to speak to our team.

  • New Giant Martins Store

    Friday, December 6th, 2019 – A new Giant Martins store has opened in Broomall, PA and features some of JSI’s latest merchandisers throughout the fresh departments. The 74,000 sq. ft. Giant is located at 2180 West Chester Pike in Broomall and opened at 8am on Friday to hundreds of excited shoppers.

    For more information about this spectacular store, or to speak to a sales representative about bringing your fresh ideas to life, check out our contact page or send an email to info@jsisfresh.com to speak to our team.

  • Biggest Year Ever for Charitable Donations to the Annual Clayton Johndro Memorial Golf Tournament

    On August 8th, the JSI team hosted the 15th Annual Clayton Johndro Memorial Golf Tournament in Milo, ME. This event culminated in the largest total sum that JSI has ever collected: Over $32,000.
    This sum was contributed to by several of JSI’s most generous business partners and vendors, as well as many private donors. 100% of the sum was given to the local Three Rivers Kiwanis of Milo and Brownville to support many of the charitable events and causes that take place throughout the year.

    Collectively, this 15-year long event has donated well over $220,000 to the community. Clayton Johndro, for whom the tournament is named, is the late father of Terry, Barry, and Mark Awalt who currently serve on the leadership team at JSI. The Awalt brothers founded JSI in the 1990s with the help of Clayton, and remember him fondly at the golf tournament every year when “the big check” is handed over to the Kiwanis leaders.

    JSI would like to thank all who have donated and supported our event. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference in the lives of many children.

  • The StorePoint #FreshExperience

    This weekend JSI presented at the annual StorePoint Fresh event in Scottsdale, AZ to an audience of industry influencers and leaders in grocery. On the table for discussion was the future of brick-and-mortar stores and how JSI can keep grocery retailers current with modular self-contained refrigeration and improved flexibility within their perimeter departments.

    The most important thing for JSI in 2019 and beyond is to focus on how the relationship between JSI and grocery retailers can become more symbiotic and collaborative. JSI’s goal for the future is to “make the experience of doing business with us lighter”, which includes improving JSI’s internal workflow and minimizing the stress felt on the customer end.

    As the JSI team moves toward new grocery horizons, it becomes clear that the retailers who will succeed are those that are already innovating their businesses. JSI is committed to being on the forefront of the changing retail landscape, and always keeping the #freshexperience at the fingertips of the shopper.