• Hygiene Barrier Solutions: Transparent, Effective and Convenient

    To better serve our customers in this critical time, we’ve developed a convenient and effective solution to minimize the transmission of germs between customers and employees. Our versatile hygiene barriers are easily assembled and can be made in any size to fit any application.

    To learn more about our hygiene barrier solutions, check out our digital flyer.

    Should you require a store specific solution, we have acrylic and vinyl materials in stock and machining time to quickly support your needs. For more information, visit our Contact Page or send an email to info@jsisfresh.com to speak with our team.

    hygiene barrier solutions


  • Refrigerated Merchandisers Quick View

    You can now view the latest and greatest refrigeration fixtures from JSI all in one place! To download your complimentary copy of our Refrigerated Merchandisers Quick View, fill out the form below and click submit.

  • New High-Visibility Refrigeration Line

    JSI is excited to announce the official launch of our new High-Visibility Refrigeration Line! This new line includes a wide variety of Critical Temp single deck, multi deck, and slant merchandisers, all of which are designed to hold and show more product to the shopper. Less fixture – More feature!

    Our High-Visibility line is available immediately and covers an even greater range of sizes than our standard line currently offers. You can view our new catalog selections any time on our refrigeration product page!

    If you’re ready to bring your store into the next decade of refrigeration technology, check out our Contact Page or send an email to info@jsisfresh.com to speak to our team.

  • New Giant Martins Store

    Friday, December 6th, 2019 – A new Giant Martins store has opened in Broomall, PA and features some of JSI’s latest merchandisers throughout the fresh departments. The 74,000 sq. ft. Giant is located at 2180 West Chester Pike in Broomall and opened at 8am on Friday to hundreds of excited shoppers.

    For more information about this spectacular store, or to speak to a sales representative about bringing your fresh ideas to life, check out our contact page or send an email to info@jsisfresh.com to speak to our team.

  • Biggest Year Ever for Charitable Donations to the Annual Clayton Johndro Memorial Golf Tournament

    On August 8th, the JSI team hosted the 15th Annual Clayton Johndro Memorial Golf Tournament in Milo, ME. This event culminated in the largest total sum that JSI has ever collected: Over $32,000.
    This sum was contributed to by several of JSI’s most generous business partners and vendors, as well as many private donors. 100% of the sum was given to the local Three Rivers Kiwanis of Milo and Brownville to support many of the charitable events and causes that take place throughout the year.

    Collectively, this 15-year long event has donated well over $220,000 to the community. Clayton Johndro, for whom the tournament is named, is the late father of Terry, Barry, and Mark Awalt who currently serve on the leadership team at JSI. The Awalt brothers founded JSI in the 1990s with the help of Clayton, and remember him fondly at the golf tournament every year when “the big check” is handed over to the Kiwanis leaders.

    JSI would like to thank all who have donated and supported our event. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference in the lives of many children.

  • The StorePoint #FreshExperience

    This weekend JSI presented at the annual StorePoint Fresh event in Scottsdale, AZ to an audience of industry influencers and leaders in grocery. On the table for discussion was the future of brick-and-mortar stores and how JSI can keep grocery retailers current with modular self-contained refrigeration and improved flexibility within their perimeter departments.

    The most important thing for JSI in 2019 and beyond is to focus on how the relationship between JSI and grocery retailers can become more symbiotic and collaborative. JSI’s goal for the future is to “make the experience of doing business with us lighter”, which includes improving JSI’s internal workflow and minimizing the stress felt on the customer end.

    As the JSI team moves toward new grocery horizons, it becomes clear that the retailers who will succeed are those that are already innovating their businesses. JSI is committed to being on the forefront of the changing retail landscape, and always keeping the #freshexperience at the fingertips of the shopper.

  • JSI Produces at PMA 2018

    Last month, JSI showcased at the Produce Marketing Association’s 2018 Fresh Summit event in Orlando, FL. Several different kinds of fixtures were used to showcase the produce on display by Melissa’s World Variety Produce in booth #2601.

    The annual PMA trade show is always a great opportunity for JSI to connect with customers and collaborate across industries. In an environment as dynamic as the grocery business, many retailers struggle with communicating freshness, convenience, and innovation to their shoppers in meaningful ways. Year after year, JSI strives to bring the #freshexperience home to consumers. New product offerings, streamlined order processing, and helping customers maintain their unique approach to shoppers is only the tip of the iceberg lettuce for this team!

  • 2018 Golf Tournament Raises Big Money for Little Kids

    On August 9th of this year, JSI Store Fixtures donated $28,850 to the Three Rivers Kiwanis of Milo and Brownville, ME. The funds were collected from JSI employees, vendors, and partners, some of which are located across the country.

    The 14th Annual Clayton Johndro Memorial Golf Tournament was the centerpiece of this large donation. Clayton Johndro, father of the founders of JSI Terry, Barry, and Mark Awalt, passed away in 2008 but is remembered posthumously by the community which he lived in and valued so highly. One of the largest and most important charities that is benefited by this annual fundraiser is Jean’s Blessings, named for Clayton’s wife Jean Johndro. Jean’s Blessings provides backpacks for children that are filled with food and school supplies, commodities which children in the Milo community are often forced to otherwise go without.

    Over the last 14 years the Clayton Johndro Memorial Golf Tournament has collectively raised more than $190,000 for the community. Some other charities which have been benefited by these funds include local food cupboards, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Secret Santa programs, Penquis Valley Key and Builders Clubs, YMCA swim programs for kids, and many others.

    JSI would like to thank all who have donated and supported our event. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference in the lives of many children.

  • Release of New TempFresh Prepared Foods Line

    JSI has recently released a brand-new product line to their catalog of fixtures; TempFresh Prepared Foods are currently being integrated into the stores of JSI customers.

    JSI has certainly entered the prepared foods market at the right time, as the industry is currently growing. From 2015-2016, 69% of retailers reported 5% or higher growth levels in their prepared foods department. Additionally, a sturdy 19% of consumers report that they expect their prepared meal purchases from grocery stores will increase through 2019 (Hobson, 2017). These statistics come as no surprise to JSI’s resident expert on Prepared Foods merchandising, Kristi Estes, who has been a part of the growing team since 2017.

    Says Estes, “There is a serious demand for more efficient, more attractive, more flexible merchandising options for these types of products. JSI is in the perfect position to envelop both the technical requirements and merchandising expectations that retailers need in order to make sure the food, hot or cold, temps properly.” And keeping product at the correct temperature, although an obvious requirement for shoppers, is more easily said than done.

    “Retailers are always extremely concerned with product integrity and presentation, and so are we” says Nate Perkins, JSI’s newest Product Manager. “We’ve got an entire engineering team working hard every day to make sure that we can deliver the right temperature every time.”

    JSI’s plans for continuing development on this product line include a range of soup merchandisers, a flat-top pizza bar, and hot vertical merchandisers for items like rotisserie chicken. As the company continues to expand and explore more innovative ways to deliver the highest quality products to end-shoppers, it becomes only a matter of time before a JSI TempFresh bar is in every grocery chain across the country.

    SOURCE: Hobson, Katherine. “Supermarket Prepared Meals: What to Watch Out For.” Consumer Reports, consumerreports.org, 2017 View Article


    JSI’s new Wine Catalog is hot off the presses, and filled with great fixtures to make your store look its best and drive sales in your wine and spirits department! Contact us today for your copy.