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We appreciate the vibrant colors of fresh produce and showcase the quality of carefully crafted prepared foods. We elevate the beauty of baked bread and the comfort of a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.

We create best-in-class fixtures that put the experience of freshness first. We design experiences that serve as the cornerstone of unique, sophisticated, and modern retail environments that attract and engage today’s discerning shopper.

For over 25 years, we have created food-forward displays that have transformed the perimeter of supermarkets across the country. And we’re not stopping there. We are partnering with future-minded retailers to re-envision the shopper experience across channels, formats, and product categories. We are fusing our rich experience in fresh foods with our focus on engineering efficiency, operator convenience, and earth-friendly production.

We bring unequaled scale, scope, and customer service and a guiding belief that our retail partners are not just buying a fixture – they are investing in a long-term vision of success.

Together, with our retail partners, we collaborate, innovate, and differentiate to drive growth, connect with shoppers, and benefit from the power of fresh.


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Terry is the original founder of JSI and has made improving the grocery retail industry his passion since the early 1990s.

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: tawalt@jsistorefixtures.com

Terry Awalt, CEO
Mark’s 40 years in the workplace includes 20+ at JSI. Mark’s extensive knowledge in leadership, finance, auditing, and HR adds a breadth of experience to many facets of JSI’s success. Mark is also a former bodybuilder and loves to talk about nutrition, health and wellness.

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: mawalt@jsistorefixtures.com
Mark Awalt, President
Gretel works with customers to share ideas, talk trends, and learn how JSI can help them grow. She serves on the StorePoint Advisory Board and is an active fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Gretel is also an avid cyclist. If you'd like to talk business (or bikes), reach out!

Phone: 508.878.6237
Email: gseeley@jsistorefixtures.com
Gretel Seeley, Executive VP of SALES & MARKETING
Dan began designing and building fixtures at the age of 19. 30 years later, he still has a passion for creating innovative ways to display products. Dan loves spending time with his wife and two kids. Give Dan a call to see what's new in supermarkets and how to create new designs for your stores!

Phone: 630.885.8238
Email: dcassier@jsistorefixtures.com
Dan Cassier, VP of Design & Development
Jeremy manages all things West…using his extensive design background and creativity to bring projects to life. When Jeremy's not working, you'll find him spending time with his family and playing basketball with his boys. If you'd like Jeremy in your court, call or send him an email today!

Phone: 801.310.4981
Email: jwest@jsistorefixtures.com
Jeremy West, VP of Business Development
Joining JSI in 2012, Duane leads JSI's refrigeration team. Duane is a 20-year veteran of the HVACR industry with a strong background in energy efficiency, sustainability and product development. If you'd like to talk refrigeration, contact Duane!

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: dhallowell@jsistorefixtures.com
Duane Hallowell, VP of Refrigeration
As a former professional rugby player, Leo knows the importance of teamwork. Leo leads JSI’s customer success team, helping to formulate and execute winning strategies. In his off-time, Leo enjoys spending time with my family, watching rugby and having a beer around the BBQ.

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: llafaialii@jsistorefixtures.com
Leo Lafaialii, Manager of Customer Success
Sam is dedicated to helping his customers solve problems, constantly visiting their headquarters and stores or checking on displays in our facilities. Sam loves being with his family, and coaches his kids' sports teams. If you'd like to talk business or pee wee sports, give Sam a call!

Phone: 207.651.3071
Email: sciviello@jsistorefixtures.com
Sam Civiello, National Account Manager
Bill brings over 20 years of retail experience to the JSI team. His new ideas and concepts help develop innovative fixtures and departments. In his spare time (when he's not following his three kids around), Bill races sailboats competitively.

Phone: 978.836.6823
Email: brothwell@jsistorefixtures.com
Bill Rothwell, National Account Manager
Emily partners with our independent and wholesale customers through virtual and in-person meetings. She spends her free time with her family, enjoying outdoor activities and cheering on the Boston sports teams. Call or email Emily for information on the newest JSI product offerings!

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: egenest@jsistorefixtures.com
Emily Genest, Inside Sales Manager
With a background in refrigeration, Mike is always working to exceed customer expectations. In his free time, Mike enjoys working on small engines, helping friends and neighbors whenever possible. If you'd like to discuss business or small engine repair, reach out to Mike.

Phone: 208.912.4906
Email: madkins@jsistorefixtures.com
Mike Adkins, National Account Manager
Prior to joining the JSI sales team, Brad held multiple positions at JSI, including Strategic Sourcing Manager. His knowledge of the fundamental operations at JSI help him promote the company and its products. Brad builds great relationships with customers, give him a call today!

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: bawalt@jsistorefixtures.com
Brad Awalt, Regional Sales Manager
Kari’s favorite part of her job is helping our customers achieve their goals. Kari is a proud supporter of the Central New York Food Bank and Autism Society and in her off time, she enjoys art and literature. Reach out to Kari if you’d like to talk about business or anything under the sun!

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: kfulton@jsistorefixtures.com
Kari Fulton, National Account Manager
Jen works with convenience store professionals to understand what merchandising needs and challenges they have. She loves providing innovative solutions for their fresh food programs and offering ways to help them grow in this every changing space. If you’d like to talk C-Stores, give Jen a call or drop her an email!

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: jsexton@jsistorefixtures.com
Jen Sexton, National Account Manager
With Over 25 years in wood, metal and plastic displays, Clay is always interested in designing and delivering the solutions customers need to ensure lasting growth and profitability. He spends his free time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Clay builds great relationships with customers, give him a call today!

Phone: 800.332.5507
Email: codom@jsistorefixtures.com
Clay Odom, National Account Manager