Delivering a Fresh Experience

Reimagine an existing fixture or create a new design with JSI

Transforming Retail Spaces,
One Fixture at a Time

From our beautiful, eye-catching store fixtures to our exclusive line of closed-cell foam—the industry’s first microbial resistant foam—JSI is all about keeping things fresh.

We’re proud to say that all JSI wood and foam products are made in North America. And with facilities across the country, we’re always nearby. As a result, we deliver more quickly, with less expense, and with less environmental impact, too.

We’d love to speak with you about fresh ideas for your stores! Call us at 800.332.5507.

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Your ONE-STOP SHop for Display Cases and Custom Fixtures

Choose from a wide range of fixtures to help expand your product assortment
and draw attention to new products.

PRODUCE Displays

Enhance your produce department with market-style bins, risers and merchandise accessories from JSI. Our fixtures create maximum impact with minimal product on display, giving customers an exciting shopping experience while boosting your bottom line.

Refrigeration Fixtures

JSI’s refrigeration fixtures keep refrigerated goods cool and fresh by maintaining ideal temperatures. Products are beautifully presented for easy sales, and shrink is reduced thanks to state-of-the-art refrigeration.

refrigerated island with berries

Bakery Cases

Showcase your baked goods while keeping them their freshest with JSI pastry cases, tables and refrigerated units. Whether you’re designing a new department or adding to an existing layout, our fixtures will display your products beautifully.

WINE Fixtures

Designed to beautifully display your wine selection, JSI wine fixtures create an ambience in your wine department that encourages wine shoppers to explore possibilities and expand their wine horizons.

Floral Displays

Your floral selection will look fresh as a daisy with JSI floral fixtures! Our options include displays for grab-and-go bouquets, potted plants, and artificials, as well as work stations for your floral team.

Millwork / SPecialty

Create a unique ambience for coffee stations, growler bars, service bars, and more with JSI. Building on-site can be expensive and time consuming. JSI can save you time and money by designing stunning fixtures for your store’s special services.